What Makes You Unsuccessful in Marketing

Last updated 8 October 2020
What Makes You Unsuccessful in Marketing

Starting with Logo and Brands

Many small business owners think that building a smart logo and brands are the first and foremost thing in their business. They think that without this logo, they will not have a business. So they spend an amount of money to hire someone to help them do that. But many times, this strategy does not work.

As their business grows and changes, so must their logo and brands. They end up paying someone to redesign multiple times. Look at various logos online and choose the items you like best. Study logos of other companies in the same industry and see what customers can be fascinated by. Once you do this research, submit that template to a design company, you will save yourself much time and money.

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Creating a Website Instantly

Everyone is thinking like: “If you create a website, many customers will come immediately.” This is not true. Nobody accesses your website by accident. You must have a strategy that drives and attracts customers to your site. Then on the website, you must somehow convince the customers to buy the products or services you are selling.

Placing Ads Randomly

Many store owners are lured by some interfaces like Google ads and Facebook ads. But just because it is easy to use does not mean it will get you sales. Advertisements should be studied, shaped and designed.

Not Knowing When to Stop

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Before you spend any money on marketing, you need to do some analyses. Think about the costs and partnerships you might make, and the time you spend. And if you find that it is not going to be a good idea, stop now, or try a different way.

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