The Best Types of Tuna

Last updated 13 June 2020
The Best Types of Tuna


Albacore is a tuna fish that is sold through its production and processing as canned food

It is characterized by light color and reaches the age of 12 years and lives in the oceans and sometimes in the seas and weight

Each fish of this type is up to 40 kg per fish.


This fish is considered one of the best types of tuna and it is sold in the form of canned food. If you continue with this type of tuna, Skipjack is useful to you as this type contains the lowest percentage of mercury and is one of the smallest types of tuna and reaches a size of 3 kilos as well as from the most widespread types.

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This type of tuna is mixed with Skipjack tuna and collected in cans in the name of Yellowfin. Frozen and fresh fish is sold from it. The fish is more than 7 years old and weighs 180 kg and is considered to be one of the largest and weighing species.


Bluefin is one of the most expensive species and is caught from large oceans such as the Atlantic Ocean and reaches a weight of half a ton and is one of the largest species and is used in making sushi.

 The Big Eye

The big eye is one of the few species popular in the Arab market and it is only used in certain meals, for example making sushi. And this type of fresh fish.

  Learn About the Color of Tuna Meat

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