Sources of Pepper and the Countries Producing it

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Last updated 26 June 2020
Sources of Pepper and the Countries Producing it

Pepper is the most important plant that is used to cook food so that dishes are delicious and have attractive smell, and the countries of China and Mexico are among the most producing countries for all kinds of peppers, it is one of the vegetables that have very great importance.

There are special pepper farms where you can learn about all the cultivation process that helps you to produce a problem-free crop and the amount of production is high. There are stages of pepper growth that must be identified, through this article we will get to know more countries that grow pepper.

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Sources of Pepper

Among the countries rich in pepper product:


It is famous for providing the best and most famous international spices, as well as it is one of the countries producing peppers for spices and spices, which are characterized by the presence of black pepper and white pepper, along with many other products that are placed in delicious food dishes.


It works to export peppers, whether it is green pepper or black pepper, everyone in different countries have their uses for this pepper.

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It takes 25% of the world’s pepper production and is among the countries ranked third in world pepper production.

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Pepper Trade

Among the large projects that need different stages for the work to be successful and excellent, as the process of cultivation takes place through a set of stages. These stages are:

  • Agricultural land and it must be ready, and this is through cleaning the land, dividing it and plowing it, and this by putting compost.
  • Buying the pepper seeds that you need to grow, the hand must have been thoroughly cleaned before planting.
  • Seed preparation stage.
  • Soak the seeds for at least 5 minutes in water and hydrogen peroxide powder, which takes a 1: 1 ratio, to eliminate the bacteria.
  • Putting the seeds in a liquid that is specific to the germination process for the seeds, and the specified period should be from 12 to 24 hours.
  • Wash and dry seeds well.
  • The emergence of white roots that are ready for planting, and this stage takes approximately 100 days.
  • The process of planting seeds to a wide range of steps will be mentioned in another article.
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How Can I Start Trading Pepper?

Many people want to get acquainted with the process of trading pepper, as it is one of the requirements that the markets need in abundance for the cooking process to take place, whether it is entered in foods or is placed as a spice on food.

This project needs some big and important plans for the success of the farming process and to obtain excellent profits from this profitable project.

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Where Do I Start

Simple requirements These requirements are limited to how to do the work and start planting peppers, and you can follow these steps:

  • Learn the requirements for growing peppers.
  • The project location.
  • Identify an essential site from which to grow pepper.
  • Rent a piece of land.
  • High-quality crop production.
  • After the completion of the agricultural land order, the agricultural land must be cleaned well.
  • And the soil desalination process must be suitable for cultivation.

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