Silicon Valley Saudi Arabia

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Last updated 25 June 2020
Silicon Valley Saudi Arabia

Silicon Valley is the one of the largest technology cities in the world.

Muhammad bin Salman held a meeting to carry out the implementation of a group of companies affiliated with Amazon and Google to search for a foreign investment opportunity.

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Investment in Silicon Valley

There is an agreement with Amazon to increase investment in Saudi Arabia directly to raise the level of Saudi employment in the country and to support technology and investment in it and create new opportunities for youth and improve the economy in the country.

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Apple is working to negotiate with the General Authority for Investment and this for the American company to obtain licenses to operate in Silicon Valley and open its first store in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Silicon Valley

Located in the southern region of the San Francisco Bay in California, and it has become a famous place that has a very large number of people who worked to develop the integrated circle and that it is one of the major valleys that have a large number of high-tech businesses which became among the well-known and high-end safety.

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People in the field are millionaires working in several technology fields of new and global technologies that make them invest their money and get a lot of money through this field.

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