Shipping Accounts and Factors that Affect Them

Last updated 16 June 2020
Shipping Accounts and Factors that Affect Them

Port Fees

A payment clause for all actual costs for the transfer of goods and products, and it is to be paid through the airport or various distribution centers.

Transfer Fee

Paying the costs related to transporting the goods, whether by sea or land, and all costs related to transport operations are agreed upon with the company.

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Customs Fees

The customs fees are determined by the forwarding agent, and he is the one who depends on them, who determines this cost, and to whom this fee will be paid.

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Authentication Fees

Especially for documenting all papers related to shipping matters, in addition to documenting all legal documents and this item facilitates and facilitates shipping procedures for you.

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Insurance Fees

Fees for insuring your goods from damage and breakage and until these goods arrive intact, most merchants pay insurance fees to ensure their goods are subject to any emergency occurring in the shipping process.

Currency Adjustment

The current price, which is one of the fees, is applied to the highest shipping costs by transportation companies serving trade. This fee was developed due to the costs incurred by airlines from the ever-changing exchange rates, both between the US dollar and other foreign currencies.

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