Setting up a Company in Malaysia

Last updated 1 July 2020
Setting up a Company in Malaysia

What Encourages You to Invest in Malaysia?

  • Security and political stability in Malaysia.
  • Abundance of investment fields in Malaysia.
  • Malaysia offers many facilities for those willing to invest on its land.

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What are the Procedures for Starting a Company in Malaysia?

Bringing a copy of the passport.

Choosing a name for the company.

Determining the capital.

Renting an office for the company in Malaysia.

  Investment in Malaysia

Opening a bank account.

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Obtaining the necessary licenses, which require:

  • A copy of the company’s documents.
  • A copy of the passport for all partners.
  • Filling in the municipality’s license forms.
  • Designing the company’s logo.
  • Having a company seal.

What are the Procedures for Obtaining Work Permits in Malaysia?

  • Bringing company documents.
  • Filling out all the required forms.
  • Municipal license of the existing property.

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What are the Types of Companies in Malaysia?

  • Partnerships
  • Joint stock company.
  • Unlimited liability company.
  • Partnership limited by shares.
  Investment in Malaysia

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