Procedures for Licensing a Pesticide Store

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Last updated 28 June 2020
Procedures for Licensing a Pesticide Store

The state provides easy procedures and conditions so that individuals can obtain licenses for agricultural pesticide shops and stores easily.

Licensing Procedures

Among the most important are the following:

  • License for an agricultural pesticide shop.
  • Dealing with medicine and pesticides.
  • The necessary documents.
  • The store must be in a clear place, and it must have the image of agricultural pesticides.
  • Copies of the licenses the owner practices through his profession, and the services he provides at the store.
  • The installation of air conditioners in the shop, or the storehouse of agricultural pesticides, and electrical cables are placed inside the insulation tubes.
  • It is forbidden to eat food and drinks inside the store, or the shop, because individuals may be exposed to health damages due to the presence of chemicals around them.
  • The first aid box, which must be placed in a clear place, and contains some types of medicine, gauze, and cotton.
  • Industrial security conditions.
  • Analysis of agricultural pesticides.
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 Procedures for Licensing an Agricultural Pesticide Store

  • Its area must be large, not less than 12 meters.
  • Paying attention to the roof of the agricultural pesticide store, and to be made of concrete.
  • The manufacture of the door of the agricultural pesticide shop.
  • Ventilation holes.
  • The location of the agricultural pesticide store must be far from groceries, supermarkets, or foodstuffs with a distance of no less than 25 meters.

General Conditions

  • The shop should be at least 100 meters away from food factories, fodder, and areas where the residents are located.
  • It must be well ventilated and has concrete floors.
  • Observe suction systems, and a temperature not exceeding 50 degrees Celsius.
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  • The rental contract notarized.
  • The engineering drawing of the store stamped from the recognized engineering office.
  • The tax card registered in the activity of agricultural pesticides.
  • Insurance certificate for agricultural engineers working in this shop.
  • Determining the monthly insurance that must be paid.
  • Approved training certificate.
  • Training courses from the relevant places.
  • They are submitted to the Agriculture Directorate within the governorate, the pesticide control section so that all these papers are inspected.

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