Privileges Provided by Electronic Banks

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Last updated 20 June 2020
Privileges Provided by Electronic Banks

Electronic Banking Services

Conflicts against the new Coronavirus and the concern to keep people in their homes in the interest of their health against this virus, some of these may destroy their work due to the lack of banking transactions inside banks, electronic banks provided some services that facilitate the citizen’s banking life by withdrawing, depositing and making investment certificates through Virtual banks effortlessly go to the bank and do these transactions.

This service distinguishes that it works to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of electronic banks because it develops with an increase in the number of people who visited them to facilitate the matter for them so they use them in many cases to prevent congestion inside banks.

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 The Services Provided by Electronic Banks

  1. It provides simplified electronic newsletters to understand what they might do in order to do one of the transactions required.
  2. The feature of knowing clients and checking their balances with the bank.
  3. Managing bank accounts in stocks and bonds.
  4. Transferring money from one customer to another very easily.
  5. The service at a low cost than the rest of the banks works as a primary factor to attract the customer’s attention to this electronic service.
  6. The speed and implementation of the order to be executed easily within a few minutes over the Internet, which is constantly expanding and developing, so that it is in our advantage more beneficial to go to the bank and do these transactions and it will not be with the same speed, attention, and quality of electronic banks.
  7. Bank cards services through which you can buy anything, the world through electronic markets, and these cards also provide some advantages for businessmen and prominent personalities by placing some special categories of these cards such as diamond and gold cards that are at a special discount and also includes a lot of websites Free for holders of this card.
  8. Access to a database of customers in a broader and broader way because it does not adhere to a specific place or time because it is always available other than traditional banking transactions which are to go to the bank and the employee to fill out forms and do this very slowly and this service may stop in the national holidays and holidays or the occurrence of disasters Natural, but electronic systems are always glossy and easy to access to do lots of customer-specific transactions.
  9. Ease of online shopping at any time with low costs in terms of banking transactions, and this led to encouraging customers to do electronic shopping and for some of these sites to make special discounts for customers who pay by bank cards, as these deals are profitable for the customer and he increases the purchase.
  10. It helps to have a competitive advantage that works on the distinction that leads to globalization. If he does so, then the customer will benefit and expand in the areas through which he works from shares and others.
  11. Pay receipts and debts without going to the bank
  12. By gaining customer confidence by performing transactions in a highly efficient manner, it further strengthens this bank.
  13. If malfunctions occurred within the system, then the banks establish a base that includes a good number of customer service by phone around the clock to carry out responses to customer inquiries so that it is not a problem that allows customers to go to other banks ’sites to do all their transactions in the market. We clarified all of the electronic banking services and we hope that we have succeeded in explaining the services in detail.
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