Largest Nickel Producing Countries

Last updated 20 July 2020
Largest Nickel Producing Countries


Indonesia is the largest producer of nickel in the world, with a production of about 500,000 metric tons annually. It is estimated that Indonesia has 21 million metric tons of nickel reserves. Indonesia currently has 13 nickel smelters with a production capacity of 24.52 million tons, and an additional 22 nickel mines under development. The most well-known nickel mine in Indonesia is the Tanjung Puli Mine located in Halmahera, and it is managed by Antam. Also, the Pomalaa Mine.

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Philippines has about 4.8 million metric tons of nickel reserves, according to the estimates of the US Geological Survey. Nickel Asia is the leading producer of nickel ore in the Philippines. The company produces nickel from Rio Toba, Taganito, and Hinatuan Mine.

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New Caledonia

New Caledonia, one of France’s overseas territories, is home to some nickel mines such as the Moneo mine, the Nakety mine, and the Népoui mine in the northern province. The Goro Nickel project, managed by the “Valley” company on island of Caledonia, is among the best mining projects in the world. Excavation began at the mining site in 1969.

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Most of the nickel in Russia is produced by the “Norilsk Nickel” company, which is one of the largest producers of nickel in the world. Norilsk Nickel, which reported steady nickel production of 218,770 tons in 2018, plans to increase production by 2025 to meet the growing demand for nickel.

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A large portion of nickel in Australia is produced in the states of Queensland and Tasmania. The largest companies producing nickel in Australia are BHP, and Mincor Resources. BHP operates the MT Keith mine, the Cliffs Nickel mine, and the Kwinana refinery.

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