Mushroom Seeds and Their Importance

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Last updated 23 June 2020
Mushroom Seeds and Their Importance

It gives us multiple nutritional values, besides that it is one of the plants that was known in the ancient times and it enjoys the wonderful taste because most Egyptians in the old-time used to introduce it in medical treatments. Besides that, they are present at certain times in the year and are near rivers.

Cultivation of Seeds in Transparent Nylon Bags

Bags are needed for the production of mushrooms, as they contain pores for ventilation, through this method, it prevents exchange that occurs through carbon dioxide and oxygen outside the bags.

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  How to Grow Mushrooms

Preparing the Food Mixture

Choosing the quality of the mushroom through which the cultivation process will take place due to the availability of a large number of mushroom types.

The sterilization process is one of the necessary actions. You must pay attention to the sterilization methods of this agriculture, in order to get rid of bacteria and viruses that spread very quickly.

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Providing clean water for irrigation and moisturizing the plant, because it needs constant hydration so that its temperature is suitable to be a beneficial plant.

Types of mushroom seeds

There are more than 2000 types that are used in as food and for medical purposes. Among the types of mushroom seeds:

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Psoriasis Mushrooms

Anyone can grow it because it does not require much experience.

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Farm Mushrooms

It is the most famous in the world and it is the one that is cultivated in abundance, it represents 32% of mushroom production worldwide and its production needs to be a special environment, this is a high cost type, because it needs high temperature and a certain percentage of humidity and needs ventilation.

Shiitake Mushrooms

Its production forms more than 25% of global production. But it needs experience, and it is one of the most common types in China.

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