Learn to Market Well for your Projects

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Last updated 26 June 2020
Learn to Market Well for your Projects

Marketing, in general, is a process that is concerned with determining the type of products and desires that customers need and taking the necessary steps to raise these desires, and marketing is one of the social administrative processes through which the individual can provide what the customers need, and this process is achieved through work, production, and exchange of valuable goods with other individuals.


Among the most important tools:

  • Product, meaning services that are obtained when purchasing these goods.
  • Distribution, meaning the places where products are displayed, so that we can reach all the targeted groups.
  • Promoting, through it, communication with gentlemen customers, such as advertisements, direct mail, and all that the marketer can do regarding the benefits of the goods that are offered.
  • The price, the goods that are offered plus all fees that are against permits, or the delivery of the commodity to the location of the customer.
  • Policy, the countries that block ads for some purchases, or things like cigarettes, until these sales are reduced.
  • Public opinion has a major impact on many commodities that are marketed.

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The rules that ensure a successful marketing:

  • Target group
  • Clarity of terms used in marketing work.
  • The pieces that are marketed as a single offer in terms of price and discount, and we inform the public all the information about this commodity, in order not to lose its value.
  • Use the abbreviated form during merchandising and advertising campaigns, so that the target audience is not bored.
  • Through direct mail, we must pay great attention to the cover in terms of colors, preparation, and when using Internet marketing, we must focus on the addresses that attract the target group.

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Marketing Activity

Among the most important of these tasks are the following:

  • People targeted by the clients and studying the characteristics and behaviors of them so that we get to know all the commodities and needs.
  • Production of goods that can satisfy the desires of the target groups with the quality that suits them.
  • Through advertising operations, and promoting this commodity.
  • Styles that suit every commodity.
  • Laws that help me to price the product in a way that is appropriate to the environment in which the goods are marketed.
  • Success in marketing requires gaining consumer satisfaction and satisfying all needs, desires, and taking into account all variables that can be controlled as a marketer.

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