Learn More About Alibaba

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Last updated 23 June 2020
Learn More About Alibaba

One of the sites that were allocated in the field of sales via the Internet, which includes the largest group of well-known international companies and have a private share in the stock exchange that takes about 71.5%, and it is one of the sites that were established in 1999 by its official Jack Ma and a group of other people.

And this site will be one of the most important sites that have the largest possible number of specialized labors that reach 22 thousand people and they are individuals from the Chinese city of Hangzhou and that city is where the company is located.

  How do you Deal with Alibaba

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Alibaba Website

This project includes a group of distinctive works that makes you fascinated by the works that it provides. You may need a security site that preserves your privacy and helps you promote your products and deliver them easily so this excellent website is one of the sites that have proven their worth in this field.

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Tips for Dealing with the Website:

  • Using eScrew, which is a service from the website services.
  • Contact with the supplier through the messages on the website.
  • Providing a sample of the work before it can be bought, and this is one of the basic steps that must be taken care of, in order to facilitate the import of things.
  • In case the supplier asks you to send the money to a bank account, it means that there is a fraud attempt.
  • If that product is much cheaper on other websites and the person tries to get you to buy the product then in this case it could also be a fraud.
  How do you Deal with Alibaba

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