Investment in China

Last updated 30 June 2020
Investment in China

Benefits You Get When You Invest in China

Establishment of a company does not require any Chinese partners.

The country enables you to buy real estate if you invest in it.

What are the Procedures to Start a Company in China?

Obtaining a license, by:

  • Choose a company name.
  • Renting a site to set up the company.
  • Submitting a license application with the Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

Opening a bank account.

Following the import and export registration procedures, and the tax procedures.

Bringing a copy of the original commercial registration in case you want to open a branch for your company in China.

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An authorization from the parent company to the manager who will undertake these procedures.

In case the company is a start-up, you must deposit sixty thousand dollars in the bank account.

Types of Companies in China

Commercial Representation Offices

They are subsidiaries of companies in other countries. This type is not entitled to do business in China, but only to follow the business of the parent company.


It is to partner with a Chinese or foreign person to set up a company and start doing business.

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Commercial Investment Company

Investment funds are pumped into it, and its capital is deposited upon incorporation or after several years according to the city law.

Free Zone Companies

You can set up these companies in the free zone. This type of company enjoys government exemptions and some advantages.

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