International Business Activities and the Meaning of CPT

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International Business Activities and the Meaning of CPT


One of the most important conditions that are followed in the commercial business and that is used on the same pattern in many countries and in general it is between the seller and the buyer, and this matter constitutes a practice of a very important habit during carrying out the transportation and shipping process, and those terms preserve the rights to the people who deal with them, Also, all agreements are settled and clear. This term is applied in many areas and this includes the process of delivering goods to the buyer, and it bears full responsibility for the service in terms of import and export and in this case the percentage of risks that fall on the goods decreases as the terms and conditions agreed upon are one of the most important principles of correct work that must be followed In all matters, these terms have been issued by the Chambers of Commerce several different years ago.

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The payload that was paid in the case of the port of arrival, which the seller makes the payment process to the payload that reaches the point of arrival and in that case the risks are transferred to the buyer because he received the goods through the first carrier, and there are some conditions and policies that depend on the work that will be He mentioned it through that article. The seller pays the financial dues related to the process of transporting the goods that arrive from place to place and in this case, the goods that were transported to the recipient’s place are delivered via the first carrier and he is the main carrier, in which case the supplier does not have any responsibility on those goods, as these terms mean that the process of transport and shipment is based on a set of basic terms and conditions of work.

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CPT Terms

Obligations imposed on the seller and the buyer in this term, for example, customs declaration work of exports is applied to the seller, transport to the export port is on the seller, truck unloading work at the export port is on the seller and loading work for the container belonging to the port is on the seller either Sea transport works, they are on the seller and insurance works are among the actions applied to the buyer and unloading in the port is from the works applied to the goods and the loading on the shipments in the port is agreed upon by the seller and the buyer and the transportation process in which the goods will be placed is on the seller and customs clearance at all Import business is on the buyer, but as for taxes, they are applied to the buyer. Each individual must get to know these terms and conditions in order to clarify the work and its ease in all business.

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