How to Increase Your Sales on Khamsat (Effective Tips)

Last updated 9 June 2020
How to Increase Your Sales on Khamsat (Effective Tips)

Khamsat is an Arab market for buying and selling mini-services, where the site brings together Arab youth who are ready to provide services, and buyers who are willing to pay money for the purchase of those services, and thus those who want to work benefit by earning some money for their services, and buyers and business owners benefit in obtaining services At an economic price, the Khamsat website contains thousands of Arab users who offer and offer their services in various fields. The areas of services on the Khamsat site include programming, business, distance training, consulting and advice, e-marketing, design, technology, writing, translation, as well as various services that you can add if you are not one of the services available on the site.

From here we will discuss in this article the most important tips for increasing your sales on Khamsat:

Have a Clear Account

After registering on the site, spend a few minutes completing your details on the site accurately. As much as possible, try to make the information you write is very accurate, expressive of you. The account of the service providers on Khamsat expresses them and determines whether they are professionals and can provide high-quality services or not.

Choose a Good Image

When providing a new service, use a clean and professional image. Also try to put some details in the image that express the service, such as the name of the service you provide, its type, the features that the service buyers will get, things like these that will attract the attention of customers and buyers.

A Clear Title

The address of the service is what attracts customers to you, so use an attractive and clear address, and express the service you provide. Avoid the traffic addresses, in this case, you may get some visits to serve you, but it will be the last visit to the customer who will soon discover that the address expresses something and the service is another thing and that the only goal of the address is just to attract it only.

Marketing Your Services

After launching the service on Khamsat, you are not satisfied with just displaying it on the site and viewing it through the site’s users, then use social media to market your services. For example, you can share the service you provide through your account on Facebook, Twitter, or your site, and all of these things will help you to get more customers.

Connect with Your Customers

When one of your clients gets some of the services that you provide, contact him continuously to know his evaluation and his opinion, and also offer help permanently even if the customer service is included in the conditions of service and this matter will earn you respect for your customers, thus ensuring their transformation into continuous customers, and their establishment Recommend you to their friends and acquaintances.

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