How to Set Up a Company in Mexico

Last updated 5 July 2020
How to Set Up a Company in Mexico

What are the Advantages of Investing in Mexico?

  • The country does not impose taxes on dividends.
  • No foreign currency exchange controls.
  • The procedures for exporting and importing foreign products are facilitated.

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Procedures to Establish a Company in Mexico

  • A residence permit is required in Mexico, and it can either be temporary or permanent.
  • Registering a company name. This costs about thirty-five US dollars.
  • Establishing a company requires at least two people to be from Mexico.
  • Appointing an agent to carry out the procedures and establish the company.
  • There is no minimum capital required.
  • Preparing the tax registration number and tax identification number.
  • Appointing auditors and legal monitors.
  • Registering for social security.

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Types of Companies in Mexico

Limited Liability Company

Suitable for small and medium businesses, and investors are responsible according to their contribution to the company’s capital.

Limited Liability Equity Company

The common thing between this company and the limited liability company is that partners are responsible according to their contribution, but shares can be sold.

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Public Partnership

All partners bear unlimited liability, and jointly share company obligations and debts.

Private Partnership

One or more of the partners may benefit from a higher degree of protection (they do not bear joint liability for all debts like the rest of the partners, but are liable according to their contribution to the capital).

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