How to Make Ethyl Alcohol

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Last updated 24 June 2020
How to Make Ethyl Alcohol

The World Health Organization has determined that ethyl alcohol is one of the most important things using which hands, knobs, and surfaces are disinfected and made and needs several purposes that must be available for the manufacture of alcohol. Alcohol consists of fermenting grapes, sugar cane, and apples, known as grain alcohol.

It is applied directly to the skin and cannot permanently harm the skin but rather works to get rid of bacteria, and it has an excellent medical use as it cannot leave a side effect permanently, which remains on the skin for a while.

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Making Ethyl Alcohol at Home

Some of the components that we will mention in this article:

  • ·        10 liters of water, put it in a bowl, and leave it on fire for a quarter of an hour until it boils.
  • Add 1 kilo of sugar, and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  • Alcoholic flavors are added, including grapes, mango juice, black honey, or apple juice.
  • Extinguish the fire allow it to cool down, and there must be a cover over the container in order so it will not be contaminated or exposed to bacteria.
  • Prepare a transparent plastic bottle, put alcohol in it, and close the cap well.
  • Add a little bit of yeast and mix it well to homogenize the mixture together to produce ethyl alcohol.
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