How to Invest through Digital Currencies

Last updated 10 June 2020
How to Invest through Digital Currencies

The markets for digital currency trading allow you to buy and sell digital currencies on their platforms, and although the price of a single digital currency (Bitcoin for example) is close to different trading markets, the price may differ slightly from one platform to another, and these markets allow you to have an electronic wallet to save digital currencies In it, buying digital currencies and depositing them in your portfolio, and before dealing with one of these markets, many factors must be checked, the most important of which is the reputation of this market, fees for buying and selling, methods of payment, requirements for verifying user identity, the exchange rate, and a possible ban on some countries.

Among the major digital currency markets are coinbase, Kraken, Cex, Shapeshift, Poloneix, CoinMama, etc. And these markets are asking to open an account with them to obtain digital copies of your identity image to prove your identity, but the problem recently is the delay of many of these markets in verifying the identity of new users due to a large number of requests By new users and the demand for buying digital currencies, as well as the problem of trading markets is the possibility of penetration and therefore it is preferable to keep your digital currencies within concrete portfolios such as Trezor, Ledger Nano and Keep Kay.

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The quick and easy way to trade bitcoin is considered, but it depends on your ability to find the seller who will accept selling you the amount you want at the price you want or the buyer who is willing to buy bitcoin from you at the price you specify, and this method saves you the time that the identity verification process may take in trading markets, and there are sites dedicated to collecting buyers and sellers directly in digital currencies, and the most important of these sites are localbitcoins, bitquick, Bitcoin otc, and others.

You can also invest by speculating on the price of bitcoin, ethereum, or any other digital currencies by dealing with a financial broker who provides contracts for differences. These are financial derivatives that exist on many commodities and financial assets. The investor must be careful and manage its risks well or consult a financial adviser before doing this, to protect against losses.

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