How is Gold Produced?

Last updated 18 July 2020
How is Gold Produced?

Finding Gold

Geologists search for areas where there is gold in order to extract it.


After being sure that there is gold in a specific location, samples of rocks from that place are taken for examination. Then, a gold mine is designed and constructed.

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Gold ore is extracted in various ways, either by drilling, transporting, or placing explosives in case this is required in order to obtain the gold.


  Stages of Refining Gold

Explosives are placed inside the hole in order to create a large gap that facilitates the transportation of rocks by trucks.

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Using a Tube

A large tube is placed in order to extract the gold, as it extends to the ground to extract the broken gold ore as a result of the detonation.


Gold is transported by trucks for processing.

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Gold is crushed with small steel balls.

Oven Stage & Purification

Gold is placed in an oven and a dry powder is added to it, then it is heated before being sent to containers as a clay.

  Stages of Refining Gold

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Processing Gold Using Electricity

After gold is heated, it is processed by electricity before being poured.


Gold is melted and molded.

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