A Detailed Explanation of Google AdSense Services

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Last updated 21 June 2020
A Detailed Explanation of Google AdSense Services

The services provided by Google company known globally and it is one of the most common programs that were known in the internet field and it is one of the profits from the internet as it has become one of the means that many depend on it and it returns to many people with a lot of money and helps them in making profits with ease every What you need to know is by implementing the Google AdSense account and dealing with it in the right way Google AdSense is the legal way through which advertisements are made and getting multiple clicks, so in the event that you reach this step, you must provide your own account that will help you in making money and getting On profit from the internet, Google AdSense account is one of the accounts responsible for several different businesses that can link to YouTube and make websites and marketing on it and link it to many different businesses that help you to get money in a simple time without any effort.

  How to Create a Google AdSense Account

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Google AdSense

To have a Google AdSense account with ease, for this you must follow the following steps:

Domain Purchase

You have a paid or free domain, and this is to complete the registration process, bearing in mind that the content on this domain is exclusive and does not have any copies of any other site, in order to ensure the acceptance of the account in Google AdSense.

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Create an E-mail

Preferably beautiful and new and not registered in any pre-existing.


Affiliated with Google AdSense in order to register with it. It is always in one link. It is the primary link through which registration is made.


If you have a previous e-mail, the registration icon is pressed in. If there is no account, a new registration is pressed. After answering all the questions that are clarified in Rabat, the account is created with the paid domain link. Click this record button in order for the site to be shown to viewers.

  How to Create and Activate a Google AdSense Account

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Activate the Account

Through a code that will be sent to Gmail, and this is in order to activate the profits and complete the data later, which is to register the name and address in the correct way, preferably the name in the English language, because this name will be printed on the receipt of the profit exchange and it must be correct.


Registering the rest of the required data, which is entering your phone number, the postal code, and the province, then a subscription is pressed, and after a message will be sent in which the account will be registered and after a period of time has passed, it will be simple hours in the case of applying the required in the correct way the activation process will take place and the account can be used in that case In this case, this account has been created and submitted to AdSense. After a period of time has passed, the account will be accepted

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