Ways to Get New Followers on Instagram

Last updated 28 July 2020
Ways to Get New Followers on Instagram

Instagram plays a big role in marketing and advertising on social media. Using Instagram should be a priority for commercial companies, especially fashion brands and electronics sellers looking to expand their business on social media platforms.

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Here Are Some Effective Ways to Get Followers on Instagram:

Publish Constantly

Continuity of publishing is one of the most important factors that develop the company’s reputation on Instagram. If you do not have much time or resources, you should publish at least once a day, six days a week. But the more you post, the more interaction you will get.

  Tips to Promote Your Work on Instagram

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Create High-Quality Content

Creating content requires spending enough time, writing and doing research. You will need attractive pictures and videos. Your content must be informative or enjoyable to attract users and direct them to your website in order to achieve more sales. Attractive content can include:

  • Useful stats.
  • Tips and explanation of how to do things.
  • Meaningful well-known quotes.
  • Animations and videos.

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Take Advantage of the “Story” Feature on Instagram

According to Instagram, users under the age of 25 check the “Story” feature at a rate of 32 minutes per day, compared to 24 minutes a day for users over 25 years. So create strategies to take advantage of this feature that appears at the top of your profile and offer some useful information, services or products on it.

  Tips to Promote Your Work on Instagram

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