Food Industries in Egypt

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Last updated 19 June 2020
Food Industries in Egypt

It is one of the main industries affiliated with the major chambers affiliated with commercial workers, and it is one of the major sources that provide the state with a lot of money and support it in investment activities in Egypt. He knew that the annual returns on food industries are very large and are estimated at five billion dollars. This is in parallel income. The Suez Canal: The sector affiliated with the food industry employs more than 7 million workers, and despite this, this number does not cover the needs of citizens, and this is what made the Gulf states be among the competitors of Egypt at that time, due to their commitment in all of their actions, but we are the only ones who do all The standards and conditions that have been applied by the Chamber of Food Industries to be one of the countries that are leading the business for the Gulf countries.

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Development of Food Industries in Egypt

Development in the business of food industries recently, under the supervision of a group of oversight in order to maintain all the controls and conditions that are being worked on in the field of food industries in Egypt and to carry out a distinctive production process, and this has relied on a set of modern and advanced methods that contribute to maintaining the safety of citizens and providing The best products. Development in the food industries business will be one of the activities of the Egyptian economy because it will benefit Egypt, as it will preserve the safety and security of Egyptian citizens. Therefore, the conditions and standards for the safety and security of Egyptian societies are followed, and during the work period that took place within the Faculty of Agriculture in Alexandria a suitable title has been put for the food industry in Egypt. And the reality and future of food manufacturing in Egypt is aimed at different strategic actions related to the works that will be established in the year 203 in order to preserve the safety of the food that is produced and be at the forefront among many competing countries – this loves a high strategy for the economic situation in Egypt, and the coming period will be one of the best periods in Egypt.

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The Importance of Food Industries

The very great importance that accrues to the food industries inside Egypt, as it contributes too many things, including:

  • Quickly convert all foodstuffs that are exposed to damage to stay for a distinct period of time, usually for 3 weeks and the commodity remains extended for a month and there is what is kept for a year and this is provided according to the material that is purchased and in terms of packing, freezing and drying.
  • All raw materials and products are weighed and packed, and this works to control prices and promise to tamper with them, which leaves the door open for everyone to obtain a distinguished job opportunity.
  • Some drying preservation methods reduce their weight and size when packing, thus reducing freight costs for long distances.
  • They are less expensive than fresh food, so everyone buys this processed food.
  • It covers everyone’s needs, and a set of outlets has been provided for the sale of these industrial foods at cost prices. There is also a group of processed foods for children.
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