Exporting and Producing Chickpeas

Last updated 9 June 2020
Exporting and Producing Chickpeas


India is the largest producer and exporter of chickpeas in the world. India produces about 10 million chickpeas a year. India occupies the largest agricultural source in the world. Often, legumes and chickpeas are grown by themselves in poor and advanced agricultural villages and use the finest modern technologies in its cultivation.


The cultivation of chickpeas comes second in the world after India in the export of chickpeas and its production. The production of about 3 million tons annually is considered a pioneer in the cultivation of chickpeas and its export to the Middle East countries and its use in many specific dishes. Agriculture in Australia occupies 55% of the country’s land area and thus contributes significantly in reviving the Australian economy from the export side.

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Turkey is one of the record levels in the export of chickpeas, and it has increased significantly in exports and in a high way in recent periods, and it has become an important source in the export process to the world, as exports of chickpeas increased by about 200,000, compared to previous years.


Iran is one of the largest producers of chickpeas around the world and a large portion of Iranian chickpeas are exported annually to Arab markets such as Iraq and the Persian Gulf countries. Iranian chickpeas are among the finest types of chickpeas in the world.

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Egypt is one of the rich countries in the production of chickpeas in the world and comes in the last ranks in the export. Chickpea is grown in abundant and large quantities, as it has large agricultural and desert lands and chickpeas are an important trade for them.

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