How to Earn Money from Mobile Applications

Last updated 14 June 2020
How to Earn Money from Mobile Applications

You may be surprised by the people who make a lot of money from mobile applications, so we will show you the most important steps to achieve this.

 Freemium Upsell Method

It is that he makes two copies of the application, a copy that is free and a copy that is paid and the paid version should have a high degree of development and full improvement, for example, download a certain free game from the store and this game is incomplete and when this game is complete you must enter the store to download paid game until you can continue playing and usually have new things and attractive improvements.

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 In-App Purchases

Mobile applications contain a lot of purchase deals, for example, free games, which include buying gold via electronic cards to pay until the game is completed, and this method is considered one of the most popular ways to earn profits and money through applications.

 Ads Income

As is the case on social networking sites, this method is one of the important ways to reap profits, and ads are placed in multiple forms within this application and the cost is determined based on the importance and foundations followed by Apple and Google.

 Payment for Installation

Where the money is earned for installing applications on the phone, and through every download and installation on the phone, Google or Apple pays the owner of the application.

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By selling distinct advertising spaces, the goods that the application sells, and the attractive user experience in a manner that is appropriate for this company so that they can publish ads in a distinctive and attractive way, and usually applications provide extensive advertising space for institutions and companies.

 Application Development

Application developers turn to companies to develop their application and then to develop and make more than a copy of the application code and then they sell it to this company and make profits.

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