Largest Cobalt Producing Countries in the World

Last updated 20 July 2020
Largest Cobalt Producing Countries in the World


Congo is the largest cobalt producer in the world, accounting for about 60 percent of the global production. Cobalt is produced in the state of Katanga, which has some of the largest cobalt mines in the world, such as the Tenke Fungurume mine, the Mutanda mine and the Ruashi mine. The country has about 3.4 million tons of cobalt reserves.

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Cobalt mining activity in Russia is mainly concentrated in the Altai Republic region, which has several cobalt mines. Russia has an estimated 250,000 tons of cobalt reserves. Nornickel, a Russian mining and metals company, is the largest producer of cobalt in the country.

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Most of the cobalt deposits in Cuba are located in the “Moa” region, which was partially exploited by a company called “Moa”, a joint venture between Sherritt International and another company. The country has five hundred thousand tons of cobalt reserves. The country also produces cobalt from the Che Guevara mine in Punta Gorda.

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One of the major cobalt mines in Australia, the Maureen mine, owned by Glencore, is located in Laverton, in the west of the country. The country’s cobalt reserve is 1.2 million tons. Another cobalt mining project in the country is the Lucky Break project, owned by Metallica, and is located in Queensland. It is worth noting that there are more than a hundred cobalt mining projects under examination in the country.

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The Philippines has an estimated cobalt reserve of 280,000 metric tons. One of the cobalt projects in the Philippines is Palawan project, and also the Agata DSO project.

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