Types of Companies in Tunisia

Last updated 27 June 2020
Types of Companies in Tunisia


The partners are jointly responsible for all the company’s debts and obligations. It consists of two or more people. Each partner owns the trader’s capacity and contributes to the company’s capital.

Joint Venture Company

The joint venture company consists of at least two people, and the company does not have legal personality and is not subject to registration and licensing procedures. The company’s contract guarantees the rights and obligations of all partners, as well as their percentage of profits and losses.

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Anonymous Name Company

It consists of at least seven shareholders. In case the company is a public joint stock company, its capital must not be less than one hundred and fifty thousand dinars. In case the company is a private joint stock company, then the capital must exceed fifty thousand dinars. Each partner’s responsibility is limited to his contribution.

Companies with Variable Capital

Some types of companies may add an article to their basic contract that allows partners to increase the company’s capital. This increase may be about pumping more money, and it may also be formed by allowing a new partner to join and use his money.

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Limited Liability Company

Each person in it is liable according to the value of his share in the company’s capital. The number of partners can be two or more. It can also consist of one person but in this case its name becomes “One Person Company Limited Liability Company.” The minimum amount of its capital is ten thousand dinars, and the company may not last more than 99 years from the date of its establishment.

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