The Welcome Message

Your welcome message should be sent as soon as anyone joins your email list. This is the first contact between your brand and new shoppers. Additionally, you can include links to your company website and social media accounts. You can also include a special discount as a thank you for subscribing. Or purchasing with a link to your online store. But be careful not to make the message entirely promotional, as this may upset new subscribers.

Abandoned Shopping Cart Message

If someone visits your online store, puts the items they want in the shopping cart and then leaves your site before completing the purchase, you need to persuade them and encourage them to continue the purchase process. You can do this by setting up a automatic emails. For example, your message might include a special offer. Like the ability to get a free shipping or get a discount on the purchase.

Related Product Message

When a customer buys something from your online store, identify the products related to what they ordered, then suggest them to him via an email. For example, if a customer purchases cat food from your online pet store, it might make sense to send an automated message offering cat treats or toys. You can include a discount with these items if you want to strongly impress a customer.

A Birthday Message / Anniversary of the First Purchase

If you know the birthdays of your customers, you can set up an automatic message saying that you wish a happy birthday. You can do the same on the anniversary of their first purchase from your store. These types of automated messages can lead to increased loyalty and sales.