There is a global economic recession due to the outbreak of the virus in many countries in the world, and because of the decisions concluded by the World Health Organization to reduce the spread of the virus.

Trade and Corona

Companies around the world have been affected negatively because of the measures taken, including the complete closure in some countries and the partial closure in others, which required thinking about trade and work from another perspective. Accordingly, we have started hearing more about e-commerce during the pandemic as it has become of more importance.

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Business Sectors Functioning During Corona

Trying to facilitate the economy and improve commercial movement, whether, for companies or citizens in the public or private sector, we find that there is a set of sectors expected to flourish and achieve commercial profit, especially in the coming months, including:

Internet and ECommerce Sector

Reliance has increased on it to market basic commodities to people, whether food or consumer goods, to reduce the spread the virus, and we find that the number of jobs advertised in the Internet and e-commerce sector has increased by 18%.

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Software Development

There is an urgent need and an increase in the demand for software development experts, and we find that the percentage of jobs announced in this field increased by 13% over the previous period, and it is expected to increase the demand for software engineering experts by a greater percentage in the coming period.

Logistics (Distribution)

Among the most services that have had an increased demand in light of the Corona pandemic. We find a significant increase in job applications announced in this sector and up to 60%.

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Manufacture and Sale of Medical Supplies

This sector is the luckiest among other investment sectors, so we find that many people think a lot about changing their fields and working in the field of selling masks and medical supplies, while others seek to work in manufacturing masks and selling sterile materials to meet these needs.