That the profit is calculated from the percentage of views that come on the uploaded videos, and that YouTube has a percentage of this profit that remains for itself and the rest is transferred to the content creators, and this means that Google AdSense ads are not among the basic conditions that are set to get earnings.

Ways to Earn from YouTube

The ways that help to earn money without AdSense and through which high amounts are obtained, in this article we will learn about ways to profit from YouTube without the Internet in order for the profits that you want to be achieved, which you must have creative ways in providing the content that You publish it with acumen in dealing with people.

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Profit from YouTube Without AdSense

There is no need to use Google AdSense, all you have to do is create a channel via YouTube only, as this channel is the basis of everything for you. There are some ways that will help you in this work and in the next lines we will tell you, and we confirm that the videos do not need to be linked to an AdSense account or place ads in the video. In all cases, the percentage of views will be calculated starting from 30 cents and up to 3 dollars. Watching for $ 10 thousand, but it is from abroad.

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Profit from YouTube by Selling Products

Publishing products through YouTube and through which profits are collected in two ways. The first way is from the percentage of viewing that is added in the event of watching the product and the second way is to sell the commodity or the product that is being sold. In that case, you can get a high percentage of profits without placing Google AdSense ads.

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Earning from YouTube with Affiliate Marketing

This is done by two people, the first person is the advertiser and the second is the publisher, where the advertiser is the person who wants to publish an ad or display his commodity or product and he wants to promote it in more than one place. In that case, the publisher’s task is to publish the content and take a commission in case selling the product or commodities, and he gets a number of visitors to a channel and viewership, and these are all agreed.

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Profit from YouTube Through Corporate Videos

The methods that are relied upon, especially in the start-up channels in the work where the field for which publication is allocated is assigned and this is the task of the channel owner, he must have automaticity in the work and this is an offer or announcement of a real estate or building and in the event of selling a commission is taken from the property owner Or the company with the increase of its channel with viewers and followers and get profit from the views.

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