The Most Important Areas of E-commerce

Accounting Field

The field of electronic accounting is among the electronic empowerment of accounting and accounting operations. Electronic accounting includes many businesses such as preparing accounting reports and financial data tables. Accounting in the field of electronic commerce is very important, especially for companies and institutions that complete their work with very high speed and accuracy.

Computer Science Field

E-commerce is the process of practicing economic activity of all kinds, but through an important element, which is computer science and the same computers and the Internet. Therefore, the e-commerce process is carried out through it, as well as buying and selling products, tools, machines, devices and other supplies.

Business Administration

E-business management is considered a type of business management, but it works through e-commerce, that is, it prepares commercial operations and sales and purchases through management, which are all commercial activities that are used in technology and communications.

Engineering Field

E-commerce applications and websites depend on a lot of technologies, the most important of which are the engineering of websites and mobile applications, and through them you can work as a field in the e-commerce engineering field.

The Field of Consumer Behavior

Through e-commerce, you can work to measure and determine consumer behaviors, whether through assessments and their opinions on the specific products, services and goods that they buy to reach tangible results and a reality through which you can rely on them.

The Field of Human Resources Management

The human resources component is very important, but this time on e-commerce sites and managing them properly and required for customers and how these operations are done only through controlling them through the human component to be able to manage them completely.

Marketing Field

You can through the areas of marketing and advertising to work a qualitative leap through it and gain customers significantly, especially we are in the era of advertising and digital marketing and it is necessary to have a very good marketing and advertising staff in e-commerce operations.

Statistics Field

It is very important that you have on the e-commerce sites a person who specializes in statistics and follows everything so that you can know the number of people present and at what time they are present as well as the future customers.

Journalism and Content Writing

The field of content writing is a more important component and competes with the previous areas because by writing content and accurate details of products the customer can make the purchase from your site without from other sites or stores, so people must be content writers with a high degree of creativity and competition in the trade market.

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