Activities and processes that aim to optimize the use of resources, to obtain goods and services produced to satisfy the needs and needs of the final consumer, which is the process of converting raw materials in several stages until the final product is obtained, and contributes to satisfying people’s needs, in addition to that all production processes have inputs Outputs and resources, and these steps contribute to converting raw materials into final products that benefit all members of society.

The Origin of the Word “Production”

In 1776, this year the concept of production seemed to spread to all economic and industrial sectors in the world, and in 1900 the thinker Taylor linked the production function to the planning function as the direct and influential means of carrying out all productive work.

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The Link Between Production and Stock

In 1915, the production function and the inventory function were linked, as they are one of the direct means to preserve the products after the production process, and they were linked to several criteria and strategies in order not to damage the products, and in 1935 the role of production control as a whole was activated, and this contributed to an important and significant role. This also contributed to enhancing the concept of production in many industrial, service and production institutions.

Production Elements

The Work

The effort made by the human element to convert raw materials into goods and services, and work is considered one of the basic elements in the production.


It does not exceed all the elements that go into the production process, such as machines, equipment, buildings, warehouses, and all the supplies necessary for production.

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One of the most important elements in the production process that can only take place through it is one of the natural resources that a person does not obtain effort, but through the capital, and it includes fields, mines, forests, and agricultural lands.

Management and Organization

A link between the productive elements, in order to achieve the planned goals and evaluation of production and other processes, as well as working on the correct management of production to ensure the quality and international production standards

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