To deal with your failed manager with all kindness and cooperation so that you are not in a constant state of tension between you and your manager, in addition to avoiding problems, we will show you how to deal with the failed manager and what are the ways to do so.

 Dialogue with the Failed Director

Study and know his personality style and must be dealt with according to this style, if his personality style is the leader.

The dialogue with him is on the basis of glorification and evaluation, and if the pattern of his personality is analyzed, then the dialogue with him is according to numbers, statistics, evidence, proofs, logic and not using imagination, and if the pattern of his friendliness is friendly, then dealing with him is according to feelings and feelings.

 Arrange Ideas in Good Shape

You must arrange the ideas in the correct and orderly manner to the failed manager when you want to communicate to him a problem that the workers suffer from in order to accept the matter and understand and can deal with it with all seriousness and knowledge.

 Working with the Manager

The focus on common points and the business’s interest so that there is no negative atmosphere between you and your manager stating the loss of your business.

 Boosting Manager Confidence

As an employee of the manager, you must enhance his self-confidence through the ability to encourage and that he is able to develop and help him in organizing all matters related to clarification and understanding, and this matter will work to cooperate with you with ease.

Do Whatever you are Asked to Do

You must obey the manager and record everything he says and record it with you through a small note so that it is implemented quickly and there are no problems by the manager, if a problem occurs that explains to him how much you are committed to your instructions and that the error that occurred is not because of you and thus you cannot escape from bearing the matter and responsibility.

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