Breeding Dairy Cows

One of the long-standing investment opportunities through which meat, dairy and its derivatives are produced. The weight of the foreign cow reaches more than 675 kilograms, and this is for the female cows.

Breeding Dairy Cows in Egypt

Many people tend to think about this project in order to cover the personal and family expenses and get a project that is controlled by them. This project needs a set of requirements that help start work.

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It is necessary to provide some modern capabilities that help you increase profits. These requirements are:

  • A wide place to keep cows.
  • Cows should have a place for the night and a place for the day. The barn will be the place for them and they will be prepared for milk processing.
  • A special place to keep sick animals, and all the special needs of cows should be provided.
  • Providing a special place for storing fodder, and it must be a well ventilated and suitable place for storing fodder.
  • Providing manpower to collect the production provided by cows, as well as the presence of a veterinarian who treats sick cows.
  • Marketing methods by which milk and cow products are distributed to stores, groceries and others

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The Right Way to Care for Dairy Cows

  • Providing a wide space, in order for the cows to move continuously and have a good health.
  • Continuous attention to cleansing the place.

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