Tips for creating a strong LinkedIn account to get vacancies:

Adjust Your Keywords

You have to adjust the keywords when dealing with LinkedIn, as it is any other platform that relies on strong research phrases or key phrases, for example when you type your professional headline it must be at least 120 characters, in addition to paying attention to writing recommendations well, as well The Education tab must do all that is related to it, and majors can write it mainly with a maximum of 500 characters.

Paying Attention to the Name and the Personal Photo

When you type your name on the LinkedIn profile, make sure to write it correctly. For example, write your first name and last name in the fields assigned to them, and make sure that your name is the real name, not names from the aliases, and you should also take care of the personal image, So try to make your photo professional and in high quality, do not put an entertaining personal image, rather make sure that it is a clear image like the pictures that you provide to companies when requesting jobs, these things strongly affect the obtaining of a good job and give good meaning for you to customers and employers in LinkedIn.

Follow Up on New Updates in LinkedIn

Did you know that LinkedIn has a homepage like the one you see on Facebook? So you are qualified to receive a lot of information and a lot of news, and also to know a lot of friends and their inclinations, and to know what is new in your professional aspect, you should follow well to update the network so that you are a follower of the events up to date, and You can be the initiator and post your updates in front of people, share the new update, comment on it and give their opinions.

Pay Attention to The Basic Departments in LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, there is a group of departments that you should be concerned with, but one of the most important sections is the Experience section, you do not have to write a CV only in this section, but this section is like a lost treasure and is not known to more than those who deal through this. The site, when you have the opportunity to write a thousand letters in this section, then this means that you can put many keywords, in addition to listing much information about your experiences, and how you were able to gain experiences by providing a hand to many people or companies.

Pay Attention to Recommendations in LinkedIn

Do not ignore or lose sight of the recommendations, do you know what you gain by paying attention to this section? And through it, you can talk about the strengths you have gained over years of work or years of study, and you can even provide a list of services that you can provide to clients, and this is what you need. Marketing for personal skills is not difficult, but at the same time, it is easy abstaining, you may lose your credibility when you ignore an item on skill marketing on LinkedIn.