Google AdSense occupies the minds of many young men and women, because it is one of the distinct programs and services provided by major social media companies, which are from Google services, which is one of the quick and easy means that can be used through all internet networks, and it is possible to profit from them easily because the program Google AdSense is one of the free programs that are offered to everyone. What is one of the services that help in the process of compatibility between pay-per-click and payment by appearing, and that means that there is an opportunity to profit through Google AdSense service. In this article, we will know the way that helps you create a Google account.

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Create a Google AdSense Account

The conditions that help you to create a Google AdSense account and these conditions are provided in the following points:

  • The domain is provided on the internet sites and provided by professional people in it and it is available for free and paid and it is better to get the paid domain, as this domain must contain the correct information that belongs to you and no random points are put in order to ensure acceptance of the account.
  • $100 exclusive content on the domain and the content word count must be large in order to quickly accept Google Adsense.
  • The availability of your own account, preferably beautiful, and it was created not long ago.
  • Go to the home page to subscribe to Google Adsense, via its link
  • Click on the link in order to complete the registration process or choose (Sing Up Now(
  • The language in which you want to complete the account creation.
  • Fill in all the fields that will appear in front of you and after pressing the “Sign In” button, and this is in case you have your e-mail.
  • Click on Create account, after which all the questions in the link are answered to complete the registration process.
  • Adding your own domain and taking into account that it is a paid domain, then the language will be chosen after which the continue button is pressed.

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Complete Steps

  • The activation code is received via e-mail.
  • Register the name and write it in the English language in the correct way, because it will be the name through which profits will be saluted and recorded on the exchange.
  • Writing true deeds
  • Data related to completing the registration including the mobile number and the postal code)
  • Click the subscribe button after the message is sent.
  • Approval of the account and within short hours the account will be accepted in AdSense and it is possible to withdraw the profits and start working.
  • Anyone can create an account at any time and take advantage of the profits resulting from it with ease by promoting articles.

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