The product that is exported to different parts of the world from its source of cultivation and production is one of the most important fibers that are used in the manufacture of different fabrics, clothing, and other necessary products in our lives.

As is well-known, there are countries that are famous for producing and exporting cotton, so what are those countries?

What are the factors that helped her to be a leader in this matter? Follow with us the following article, which explains the most important countries exporting cotton, according to the latest official statistics.

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China is able to compete with other countries in producing and exporting cotton, and even advancing everyone in this regard. It is noted that China has the potential to qualify for the production of 6532 tons of cotton per year, as it is a country that owns a large number of fertile agricultural lands, as well as farmers whose number exceeds one hundred thousand, It is also a pioneer in cotton industries thanks to its modern textile companies and factories that specialize in producing high-quality cotton fabrics. According to recent statistics, the production of the cotton country in China is approximately $73 per year and helps China achieve this production. The abundance of agricultural land and the climatic nature appropriate for cultivation. The cotton flower provides the expertise and productive skill needed next to the capital.

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It is ranked as the second after China in the production of cotton globally and this has been known about it for ages. India is able to produce 6,423 thousand tons of cotton crop and this figure represents annual production, due to several factors, for example, the suitability of climatic conditions in the northern parts of India in order to Cultivation and production of huge quantities of cotton, as the appropriate temperatures for this wonderful plant, the fertility of lands, and suitability for cotton growth, and India has the professional labor necessary for agriculture besides owning machines for cotton cultivation in large numbers and in a high-quality professional manner.

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United States of America

It is considered the third country that can produce cotton in large quantities, specifically the cultivation of this plant is based in American Florida, as well as California, this is besides what is being cultivated and produced in Arizona and Texas. With large numbers sufficient for export, it comes after these three countries in the production and export of cotton Pakistan, whose production of cotton per ton is estimated at about 2308 annually, as well as Brazil, which has the ability to produce 1524 tons of cotton every year. Countries like Turkey, Australia, Egypt, and others are also included in the list of countries that export cotton It is extremely important and indispensable because it is used in the manufacture of cotton clothes as well as nets for fishing and it also enters the medical field as it is used for dressing and treatment of various wounds and many other uses.

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