A store that the investor is renting all the construction equipment that people and contractors need continuously, and they cannot buy this equipment for certain reasons, whether it is not within their competence, or because of the contractor’s capital, for example during the article’s agreement with the house owner at this time the article needs to purchase equipment or if It was available to him or rent from the center and building equipment rental shops, for the construction phase in modern or old houses.

Construction Equipment Rental Project Requirements

Provide a Wide Storehouse

A commercial store or a large shop in a large space to place all the equipment and so that it can display the rental construction equipment

Purchase of Construction Equipment

Purchase all the equipment that contractors need in the building and construction process, whether wood, iron, and important supplies.

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Accountant and Workers

Follow-up and review of all equipment during the rental and after the rental, and work to check it for damage, breakage and the like, and maintain this equipment

How is the Marketing Process for this Project?

There are many methods and marketing and promotional channels for this project, and the most important and best of these methods are:

Print Brochures

The presence of many types of equipment with this brochure, numbers and offers and the location of the rental center, and then distribute it to the owners of the towers, contractors, and the like.

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Partnerships with Contractors and Contracting Company Owners

Partnerships with the owners of the contracting companies and agreeing with them to provide them with the necessary equipment for building and construction operations in the projects implemented by these companies

Discounts on Construction Equipment

Presenting offers, discounts, and low prices and presenting them to the owners of companies and contractors in order to gain fame with them and to become a project in the rental of construction equipment.

Create Accounts on Social Media to Promote

Accounts on social media and work on them properly and display all the equipment, discounts, and offers on these pages to win new customers.

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