Among the most traded projects globally, because it is one of the profitable projects that many remain confused about this lucrative business, because coffee is the daily drink that cannot be dispensed with or replaced by another drink, and for that reason, the coffee trade spread globally and became very widespread Trade is not confined to Egypt only, but also to different countries of the world. There is a very large group of well-known international companies inside Egypt and they have been working in that field for a very long period of time and they have experience in all the work that revolves around the coffee trade in Egypt, and in the content they are They offer ideal prices at an affordable price for coffee lovers and the wonderful bitter taste. In recent times, the coffee trade has spread globally and the sale has become in large quantities, in addition to the health benefits that people derive.

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Green Coffee in Egypt

A noticeable increase in the sale process of the past periods, because it helps the body with energy and vitality, as well as it is one of the factors that help reduce fat from the body and lose weight significantly, which is beneficial to the body and there is no final damage and its price starts from 80 pounds and reaches To 100 pounds, which is the price of green coffee without any additions, and there are other prices for coffee, gentlemen, and light. There are multiple groups of different types of coffee and each type of them has a special price and other taste, so everyone depends on a specific type for him, where there are more than 5 types Of coffee and there are specialized places to sell coffee and they have no other outlets because they are specialized and agents accredited in the coffee trade in Egypt and they can cover the market with that wonderful coffee, there is no room for another type of coffee between that list.

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List of Coffee Types

Of the types of charming coffee, in terms of taste, quality, color, and aroma, coffee is a strong aroma and everyone loves it. It is one of the first types of coffee known globally:

  • Abdelmaboud coffee is the most famous coffee and it has very large popularity because it belongs to one of the most famous grinding places that are traded in the market with all types and prices start at 40 pounds and have a group of distributors at the level of Cairo cities.
  • Shaheen coffee is the second type, which has simple popularity, and it is multi-type, as Turkish, Arabic and Asian coffee are available, as there are no sales outlets in only two areas, Nasr City and Dokki, and it has an official site that can be visited to learn more about prices.
  • Al-Orouba Coffee, which is the only company that provides the best mixture of Yemeni coffee, Brazilian coffee, and Abyssinian coffee, is an integrated mixture, as it is distinguished by its unique and unique taste, besides offering a group of multiple types, which provides more than 3 branches to sell coffee in bulk through them.
  • BI coffee is enough. It is for lovers of American espresso, where you can sip a better, tastier cup of coffee, have favorable wholesale prices, and have outlets in Fifth Avenue and New Cairo.
  • ALTEMSAH coffee is one of the most famous types of coffee, and it is served differently. It is always an ideal type that everyone loves and is available in Cairo.

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