Failure to Find the Target Audience

How you market your products depends on who you market to. So, before you start marketing, you should answer the following questions: Who are my potential customers? What do they need? When will they buy from me? Once you know your target audience, make a marketing strategy appropriate for them and market products on the platforms they use.

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No Added Value

The most important questions when trying to attract new customers are: What makes you different? Why would customers buy from you instead of others? If you provide your services or sell your products without having anything special in them or any added value, it will be difficult for you to market these products or services because there are many similar ones already available.

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Not Having a Website

There are many commercial companies that do not have a website, and this is a huge marketing mistake. Websites help small businesses build brand awareness, credibility, and create sales opportunities. Customers who search in search engines will not get a chance to get to know your company if you do not have a company website.

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Refusing to Measure Performance

Lessons learned from failed strategies contribute to successful marketing strategies later. Companies constantly measure their marketing performance to see how they have successfully promoted their services and products. And if they get negative results, they try new ideas. Some key marketing performance indicators include: knowing the number of readers of posts, the number of regular visitors, the time visitors spend on the website.

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