In this article, we will specialize in explaining the most important characteristics of the failed school principal, which returns to the school with more calamities and problems than success and development, and this article will explain to you the most important and most prominent characteristics of the failed school principal.

 Severe Neglect

He is the principal who neglects public school affairs. In addition to this, the level of education, neglecting the level of students, failure to follow the school every year for another and neglect is significant in the development and progress of his school.

Lack of Proper Management of the School

The failed school principal relies on incorrect expectations in the process of administration and randomness as well and does not depend on an appropriate management plan for his school and this works on the collapse of the school system as it has no administrative rules to run this school through it.

 Lack of Strategic Thinking

Inability to have the correct and strategic thinking he has to build his educational institution, as well as not understanding and analyzing external and internal variables so that he can learn opportunities and strengths to be strengthened, and also inability to identify weaknesses and threats to the school.

Error Negotiation

The inability of the school principal to negotiate and weakness in convincing others of his school

and the communication of the message as well, and the inability to take his legitimate rights from the decision-makers

 Not Having Personal Traits

The absence of the required personal traits and characteristics that the ,manager enjoys, such as patience and tolerance

fluency in conversation, tact in appearance, handsomeness, courage, courage, and listening.

 Not Having Basic Skills

The lack of technical, managerial, cognitive, and human skills in dealing with people, as well as the inability to identify and predict problems and solve them, as well as the lack of people’s trust, cooperation, and motivation.