Paysera Bank

Established in 2006, it is currently in the state of Lithuania and is considered one of the best banks for 2019. It provides many electronic services, and its services cover several countries. It started as a real bank, not as an electronic bank, then after that, it updated and developed its services.

Benefits of Paysera Bank

  • You can have a free bank account on it.
  • • Provides a Visa Paysera service that helps you activate your PayPal account.
  • The possibility of charging your account through Skrill, Neteller, or .any other bank that has the option of bank transfer
  • It has a currency exchange service that includes about 32 multiple .currencies
  • It has no bank wire commissions.
  • More than 150 countries around the world can transfer money through Paysera Bank.
  • Transferring to European bank accounts may take up to 3 minutes for SEPA countries.
  • It has the lowest commission rates and costs among its counterparts .
  • The ability to order up to five other Visa cards at the same price for your family members.
  • It enjoys a high degree of security and account protection.
  • You can make the transfer of your Paysera account to your WebMoney account or your Payza Bank account.
  • Support is available from the bank from eight in the morning until eight in the evening, as it is a real bank, not a virtual one.

Steps to Register for Paysera Bank

The First Step:

 First, you need to go to the Paysera Bank website to be able to register.

The Second step:

بنك بايسيرا Paysera

 Click on “Registration” at the top of the page.

The Third Step:

Fill out the form and information through the site’s registration page. Here are the details:

First: Select the country.

Second: Write the email.

Third: The password must contain upper and lower case letters to be very good.

Fourth: Rewrite the password.

Fifth: The title.

Sixth: Your name.

Seventh: The phone number.

Eighth: You must agree to the terms of use of the bank because you cannot register without doing that.

بنك بايسيرا Paysera

Ninth: Click on “Open an account”.


The Fourth Step:

Click on the box to verify the entered email and then search on your email address for the confirmation email, then click on the confirmation button.

The Fifth Step:

After clicking on the confirmation button, you will be directed to your bank account and four tables will appear, which determine the level you want.

The Sixth Step:

Activate the account at the third level to request a Visa Card, which is to click on the bottom of the screen, as shown in the third box.

The Seventh Step:

After that, you are asked to confirm your identity as shown by downloading the identification card and downloading the passport and then downloading the driver’s license and a document to prove the residence.


The Eighth Step:

Defining the document should be very clear. Fill in the information shown on the screen.

The Ninth Step:

Open your account with a note to complete the activation procedures and press on them to go to the list, then confirm the email, confirm the phone number, and answer the questions, and then download another personal document and confirm via Skype. It is not necessary to confirm, but it is only for the owners of the fourth level.

بنك بايسيرا Paysera

The Tenth Step:

 A confirmation message via e-mail will be sent to you telling you that documents and information have been received and a personal code is sent to you via e-mail. Requesting the card to withdraw costs you 10 Euros.