Raising Rabbits

This project is considered one of the relatively old agricultural projects and one of the profitable projects in our time. However, follow-up and care must be alerted in this project in order for this project to succeed properly, as well as giving the rabbits the necessary medicines and injections for their growth, and it is very necessary to give them at the appropriate time. Rabbits live in rooms far from the world and individuals only need one person to follow

Care and habitat rabbits give birth to four to eight youngsters and this project relies on food for food.

 Cultivation of Nuts

Anyone can invest their time in self-employment by creating a small project, such as planting nuts on the roof of the house, which has spread widely in recent times and many crops and projects that take place on the roofs of homes, such as the grape cultivation project, vegetable project, poultry rising, and the like.

Cultivation of Mushrooms

This project is considered one of the very profitable projects for a young man and it does not depend on high costs but rather depends on simple costs and any alum can provide these costs for a start. One of the most important tools and supplies required is rice straw, classic boxes and good ventilation, as well as plastic boxes must be directed directly to the sun, and you can plant it in any place in the house, whether in the balcony, on the roofs of the house, or on the windows of the house. When it grows up and matures, it is wrapped and packaged in small bouquets and then distributed to public markets, wholesalers, supermarkets, or groceries. The income of alum from this project is more than 400 USD.

 Livestock Feed Production

This project is one of the agricultural projects spread in the youth sector and in this project you do not need heavy equipment but a machine for grinding cotton firewood and corn wood and corn kernels, peel husks and husks and seeds and mango fibers in addition to peels and orange seeds and can be obtained from canning and preserving foodstuff factories from Vegetables and fruits, after which the mixing is done and then dried, and after that, the feed is filled and distributed to livestock and cattle farms, as well as it is one of the profitable agricultural projects for young people.

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