A distinct means by which money is earned, in the event that a set of ads is provided or services are provided and some of the requirements are needed by people, where the price of ads on Google AdSense is the right price to achieve the dreams of many people, for this millions of people take these The service is a way to make money through it, which is that millions of dollars are earned throughout the year from the advertising field. The click price in Google AdSense is about the advertising services that are connected, always allowing workers in this field to classify the existing notifications and manage them in the correct way and that For-profit; this is done in two different ways. The first is the cost per visitor and average CPC.

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The First Step to Making Profits

Calculating the average click-rate in that case visitors take into account the website and the second method is the method that helps to calculate the number of clicks that were placed on the advertisement, in all cases the two methods are one of the best ways by which to make profits, websites are always interested in sites at the cost of each visitor, CPM, because focusing on it will be helpful to the traffic of this site, which will be their website. This will improve the site level and be one of the distinctive rankings in the search results, and the profit from this work is to display ads and place them in Google AdSense. Payment is made through a check or placing an amount in via the account, where more than $302 billion in Google AdSense was collected in 3 months and the profits double every year.

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Special Advertisement Prices

The ads in Google AdSense are very distinctive and they differ from one country to another, where the price of clicks in foreign countries is as follows:

  • 0.48  dollars in Australia.
  • 0.44  dollars in the Netherlands Antilles.
  • 0.43  dollars in Denmark.
  • 0.41  dollars in the city of Switzerland.
  • 0.36  dollars in South Africa.
  • 0.32 dollars in New Zealand.
  • 0.32  dollars in Finland.
  • 0.30  dollars in Singapore.
  • 0.28  dollars in Norway.
  • 0.27  dollars in UK.

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Arab Countries

  • 0.15 dollars in Qatar.
  • 0.10 dollars in Kuwait.
  • 0.07  dollars in Saudi Arabia.
  • 0.07  dollars in Oman.
  • 0.07  dollars in Egypt.
  • 0.06  dollars in United Arab Emirates.
  • 0.04 dollars in Tunisia.
  • 0.04  dollars in Jordan.

The Google AdSense ads that you can get are priced, and it is impossible for anyone to get $300 a day as they were traded on other sites so that is the price of a single click.

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