Bitcoin is a new type of qualitative electronic money and an electronic payment system designed for a connected digital world, without tangible limits thanks to the internet and connected as long as you have the internet and in this article, we will learn about the most important benefits and eyes that Bitcoin has.

Bitcoin Currency Advantages

Freedom of Payment

Sending and receiving any amount of money in real-time to and from anywhere in the world at any time, regardless of bank holidays and international borders and there are no restrictions to overcome and Bitcoin allows its users to control their money completely and without any financial intermediary between them.

Very Little Fees

Bitcoin payments are currently executed either without any fees at all or with very little fees and users can pay transfer fees with their payments to get priority implementation, which results in faster confirmation of the transaction by the network and additionally, traders have units to help process transactions and convert Bitcoin into money Paper money and depositing money directly into their bank accounts daily.

Safe System

Bitcoin transactions are safe, non-recoverable, and do not contain private or sensitive consumer information. This protects traders from loss resulting from fraud or unsafe attempts to retrieve funds, and there is no need for any compliance with PCI data security rules, low transfer fees, more markets, Lower administrative fees.

Subject to Update

Bitcoin is updateable and Bitcoin can be upgraded or supported, much like a new technology managed by a powerful computer program.


It works on millions of computers around the world, not in a single “centralized” place or institution. This is called “decentralized technology” or “peer-to-peer technology”. This means that for Bitcoin to stop working, millions of computers must stop working.


All information about transferring money to Bitcoin itself is available on the blockchain network for anyone, to use it and authenticate from it in an instant and no one or organization can control or manipulate the Bitcoin protocol because it is secured through the system of encryption and encryption, which supports trust in the basis of Bitcoin and can be predicted in the form of Whole.

Respects your Privacy

You will never need to provide your personal information and risk losing your money or stealing your character through plagiarism since you never give your personal information. There will never be information possible for pirates to steal it. Compare this with traditional payment methods, all of which require you to provide your postal address, name, and phone number, all This information could be taken from pirated assets to steal your character (at the beginning of this year, the American commercial company Target was hacked and the personal information of 70 million customers was hacked).

Bitcoin Currency Disadvantages

The Degree of Acceptance

There are still many people unfamiliar with Bitcoin every day that we see more companies and organizations accept Bitcoin because they want to take advantage of the benefits of getting it, but the list remains small and still needs to grow to take advantage of the capabilities of the network.

Price Fluctuation

The full value of Bitcoin in trading is still small compared to what it might be and for this relatively small event, trade or enterprise activities can affect the price significantly and price fluctuations will decrease with the development of Bitcoin markets and technology, the world has not seen before an emerging process like this, so it is really difficult to imagine How it will turn out.

Continuous Development

Bitcoin program is still under beta trading with many features under development, so this is a fear for the customer to purchase from a currency with configuration and many new tools, features and services are being developed to make Bitcoin coin more secure and available to everyone as it is still not ready for all and many institutions The finance that uses bitcoin is still new and does not provide adequate insurance in general. Bitcoin is still in its mature stage.