Contract Lawyer

The contract lawyer prepares the appropriate contracts that you will need to deal with clients and suppliers, and gives you advice on how to deal with contracts that other people want you to make.

Business Organizer

You may need a lawyer who can help you organize your business. If you want to start a business, a lawyer can suggest the type of company that’s best for your type business. It can be a joint stock company, or a limited liability company, or a partnership, or any other type of companies.

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Real Estate Matters

Things like as buying or renting commercial places such as offices and stores, or transferring commercial assets are matters that may contain complications and sometimes difficulties for business owners. A commercial lawyer can help make the process of doing these procedures easy and guarantee your rights.

Tax & Licensing Lawyer

A tax lawyer helps you familiarize yourself with how to obtain tax numbers, gives you information about the types of taxes imposed on your business and how to deal with them, and explains the consequences in case these taxes are not paid. The lawyer also assists in obtaining the necessary licenses for commercial business in accordance with the country’s commercial law.

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Intellectual Property Lawyer

If your business involves creating designs, media, or some artwork, the lawyer registers your products and works with those responsible for protecting intellectual property rights, copyrights, and patents.

Employment Lawyer

If you face any problem with any of your company’s employees, the lawyer gives you advice on how to deal with the legal problems arising from the employment contracts and helps you solve these problems in a way that guarantees your rights.

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