The project needs high thought and planning. It is a targeted business that needs simple capital in order to purchase devices and equipment that are working on.

About the Project

You must have a set of qualities that help you to advance the project and its success, so everyone always needs positive energy to help him complete the project, as the enthusiasm is behind the success of the work and after providing an amount of money in order to prepare the purposes required for the work. The success of the project and developing it in a simple time period, this is considered one of the successful fields, whose profits in one year reach more than 127 thousand.

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The Cost of the Project

Factories that sell mineral water, which cost more than 50 thousand, especially if the water that is bottled is more than 5 gallons, and it is considered one of the small and successful projects that many people turn to and that helps them achieve their success. If you want to implement this project in a city other than Saudi Arabia, this project will take a cost equivalent to 200 thousand pounds at the beginning, but the profits will be high, the amount that was put in the project will be collected within a year and in the following year the profit will be more than 127 thousand. In a water warehouse project, there is a set of special equipment and tools that are needed in this field. It helps to facilitate the work and provide a better product, which is:

  • Machines for water purification.
  • Manufacture of plastic bottles.
  • Water filling process.
  • Packaging the bottles and putting the factory sticker on them.

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The steps that must be taken care of and provided in the factory in order to succeed in the sale process and provide a large percentage of profits, so it is necessary to provide all the requirements that help you in the rise of this work and make it easier for you.

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